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Hello friends! One of my resolutions for this year was to get to know my city a little better. Toronto has slowly but surely become a foo...

Hello friends!

One of my resolutions for this year was to get to know my city a little better. Toronto has slowly but surely become a foodie paradise, with joints opening up everywhere. Rock Lobster would be one of them. It is the brain child of Chef Matt who started Rock Lobster at a pop up event in March 2012, and has now opened up three restaurants in three of Toronto's trendiest neighbourhoods.

My best friend Melanie (who by the way owns her very own travel blog and has been everywhere) and I decided it was about time we tried some of our own Rock Lobster.

We were in for a treat.

The decor in the restaurant is unlike any I have seen before, which only added to the "cool" feel of the place.

The menu was super easy to read and very well designed.

To add to its authenticity, trays of fresh crab legs, lobster tails and oysters greeted you at the bar, as you strolled on in from the outside.

These lights were super weird, definitely picture worthy.

That's Mel, patiently waiting for her meal.

This is what Rock Lobster is best known for, the Rock Lobster Caesar, consisting of Ketel One vodka, tabasco sauce, worcestshire sauce, steak spice and Clamato, garnished with a lobster tail. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of Ceasars, and only gave this a try (Mel and I shared it) because it was so raved about. Surprisingly though, I did enjoy it, but am glad that Mel and I ended up sharing it, as more than half a glass may have been too much for me. To each his own I say, so try it for yourself and see what you think.

The oysters however, we devoured, as they were fresh, zesty and went down oh sooo easy.

For the main, I had the fried clam roll with added lobster. 

It was mouth wateringly delish. Adding the extra lobster was a wise decision, I think with only the fried clam it would have been a little to bland for me, but still delicious.

Even the fries were perfections, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, just the way they should be.

Mel decided to go for the infamous lobster roll. A classic.

One of the best bits, of our experience anyways, was the super friendly folk dining around us, very eager for a chat. The couple who sat beside us were celebrating the gentleman's 50th birthday. His wife had bought him a red velvet cake. Being as nice as they were, they shared some pieces with eager eyed cake enthusiasts such as Mel and I. This piece of cake was probably the best red velvet cake I have ever tasted. Honestly. If only I knew where it was from.

Could not resist modelling the Rock Lobster Caesar, impressive not only in its taste but also its size. Look at how humongous it is!!

Do yourself a favour and go check out Rock Lobster, you will not regret it. We went to the Queen West location, but I am positive that any of the locations will be just as yummy.

Another gem, in this awesome city of mine.

Have you been to Rock Lobster yet? Whats your fav restaurant in Toronto currently?

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