Exploring Narnia...Ribfest and all

Oooops I mean Sarnia! Hello Friends! The above has become on ongoing joke between Clive and I as we think so highly of our sense of humo...

Oooops I mean Sarnia!

Hello Friends!

The above has become on ongoing joke between Clive and I as we think so highly of our sense of humour. Its not that funny, I know.

Clive, the sweetheart that he is, asked me to tag along to one of his business meetings in Sarnia a couple weekends back. So I obviously said yes, as one of my goals is to explore more of Canada while I am back.

I'll be honest with you, before, if someone would ask me what I thought about Sarnia, my initial reaction would be: 'Why on earth would you want to go there, what do you even do in Sarnia?'

Well let the pictures speak for themselves:

After exploring Narnia...I mean Sarnia. We happened to hear on the radio that their annual Ribfest was going on and as we are both huge meat lovers, we jumped at the opportunity.

Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed at the number of stalls they had, as there were only six, but apparently they were not even going to host it this year due to their original venue being closed down because of dangerous chemicals being present. I guess we can call ourselves lucky for being able to attend in the first place.

I also expected to be able to taste test each booth and properly vote for my favourite, but this was not an option as you had to buy at least a half rack portion in order to try the ribs. It was $13 for a half rack of ribs and if you ask me, that was a bit pricey.

Sarnia, I think for the future, you should do a $5 mini taste test option to allow for proper voting and then you choose to buy your favourite. Just a thought.

Thankfully, the six stalls were not the only attraction at the Sarnia Ribfest, as they had an abundance of kiddy rides and games, as well as little shops and booths for picking up some souvenirs  All in all a good family outing.

But we were there for the ribs.

We ended up choosing between two stalls, based on what their ribs looked like on the grill and the fact that we had never heard of them before.
As they all had mouth watering looking ribs on the barbie, the first criteria was a bit of a difficult one.

As disappointed as we were with the selection of stalls and the price of the food, we were not disappointed with taste.
Boy, was it gooooood.
I can easily say that these ribs were amazing. It was hard to decide on my favourite.
We ended up choosing: Boss Hogs and Smokin' Joe's

Check out Boss Hogs here to get your teeth into their recipes. Unfortunately I could not find a website for Smokin' Joe's but you can check out the Sarnia Ribfest website here for more info on the vendors and the festval itself. They were both delicious and I am sad we could not stay and eat more.

Sarnia, you have impressed me, not only is your town clean, beautiful and scenic but it also helps that you are literarily right by the bridge to the USA. So if anyone ever asks me what I think of Sarnia, I say, go and find out for yourself, you wont be disappointed.

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