Toronto Beer Festival 2014

Hello Friends! The folks behind the Toronto Beer Festival were kind enough to invite Clive and I back for a second year. We were both s...

Hello Friends!

The folks behind the Toronto Beer Festival were kind enough to invite Clive and I back for a second year.

We were both so excited that it did not matter what previous plans we had made for that Friday, we cancelled them straight away and graciously accepted our invitations.

This year, marked the festival's 20th anniversary, and both the Friday and Saturday were sold out. Lucky for us, we had our spots reserved, pheww!

As we walked closer to the festival site, we had to trample over people waiting in a huge lineup that circled around the venue. It seemed this year, was the year to attend.

Once we gave our names to the ladies at the gate, they led us into the media area, where we enjoyed a couple of beverages. I enjoyed a yummy Somersby Cider.

By the way, those Neal Brothers chips were super delhi-licious, just like the bag says.

Once we settled down and devised our game plan for the evening, we left the media tent and put on our explorer hats. Or in my case my super pink explorer sunglasses.

We decided, since we already attended the beer fest last year, we would take a quick walk around and spot any differences. So our adventure began...

At one point I got lost in Angry Orchard(s), but don't fret I found my way out and regained my breath, chilling with my new ride.

One of the things I really wanted to focus on, other than the beer at the festival, was the food. I mean beer on its own is great, but a nice traditional pie really brings out the taste in any beer, or maybe the other way around?!
Either way, Clive and I, both being the British food enthusiast, were drawn in by The Pie Commission, and both chose the Braised Beef Rib Pie, made of "delicious chunks of slow braised beef, in homemade veal stock with sweet potato and mushrooms". It was DELICIOUS! I added some banana curry sauce to it, to give it that little bit of sweet kick. Clive opted for the Ghost Chili, which he described as a 'firm kick to the tastebuds', basically it was spicy!

Look at that happy face!

As the sun set, and our tummies filled, we decided to re-focus and quench our thirst with some alcoholic beverages. If you are curious how the sampling of the beer works, check out my previous blog on last year's beer fest here and here.

The major thing I noticed this year, was that there were a bunch more Cider stands than last year, which made me extremely excited, as you can see by my sexy face below.

The Crabbies Raspberry Ginger Beer was most definitely my favourite. So much so that I went back for a second round at the end of the night. If you like a sweet Cider, that pretty much taste like carbonated juice, this is the one for you, if you don't, I would stay faaaarrrrr away.

Clive, stuck to his IPAs, Lagers and sampled a few homemade beers from Waterloo.

This is me enjoying my Crabbies.

During the festival, I meandered over to the map of the venue and saw that Rock Lobster had a stand. After walking around for ages, we finally found the kiosk and I without hesitation, proceeded to have their lobster roll.

To be honest, I was a little underwhelmed. I am going to attribute it to the fact that it was a tiny kiosk that was selling the rolls, and that I should most likely just go and check out the actual restaurant, to change my mind.

After more adventuring, we ended up back at the Angry Orchard, where I gave into the grimacing stares and tried a cider.

It was actually quite nice...and really not angry at all. Still no Crabbies, but I would say this Cider would appeal to the masses more than the Crabbies Raspberry drink, as it was not as sweet and did taste much more of apples.

All in all, we both had an excellent time at the festival this year. There were a lot more vendors this year than last year. Thank you again for the folks at Enterprise Canada for inviting us along once again. We both had a BLAST, and would go back next year.

Until then...

LIVE your life to the fullest, and be inspired everyday!

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