My Favourite Makeup Brand: Red Earth

Hello Friends! Let me introduce you to my favourite makeup brand of all time. It is Red Earth. They are a Melbourne Australia b...

Hello Friends!

Let me introduce you to my favourite makeup brand of all time.

It is Red Earth.

They are a Melbourne Australia born brand, who take their inspiration from the Earth, hence their name. Very hippy and nature inspired, just the way I like it.

I also absolutely love their description of the Red Earth Girl:


She’s the girl next-door, she’s the girl about town. She’s down to earth and intoxicating.
She’s certainly something. She’s definitely you. 

I stumbled upon Red Earth ages ago, when I went to a huge warehouse sale for ESPRIT near the airport. They had the total Red Earth collection displayed and massively on sale. My mother and I went nuts and basically bought everything.

I wanted to showcase my favourite products on here that I still use to this day. I love them so much that when I run out, it will be a tragedy. 

To make sure I am able to re-purchase these products, I did some research on the brand. During the time of purchase the brand was struggling and the products were discontinued, at least here in Canada.
It seems now the brand has re-launched a whole new collection while still keeping its old favourites (thankfully those include some of my favs too). They changed the look of the product and the packaging but I am sure that the quality is still the same.

Speaking of quality. The pigmentation is great, it lasts a long time and the application is super easy.

 The first product I want to highlight is this illuminator (hehe see what I did there). The equivalent of this can be found on the Red Earth website here.

Its a beautiful pearl colour that goes on as a liquid and gives you a multi dimensional glow. I only use it when I don't have too much powder on my face, as I feel blending becomes a bit difficult.

My all time fav of all the products is this powder highlighter that I use pretty much everyday. It has a very neutral look and is quite shimmery. The equivalent of this product on the Red Earth website is here.

It comes with just the right size applicator sponge that helps it go on smooth and blends it out perfectly.

The last product I wanted to show you is this eye highlighter kit. It is unlike anything I have ever seen before as it has three different colours for different parts of the eye to really make your natural eye colour pop. 

Unfortunately, I could not find the equivalent to this on their website but it is called: Winter Fire, Cream Eye Liner Palette. The colours in it are Metallic Olive, Metallic Wine and Metallic Silver. The best part is there is a little illustration on the back that shows you exactly how to apply it and where.

This is what all the products look like swatched.

These are all of my fav products from their line a while back, I do have an insane amount of eye shadows, a few bronzers and a couple more illuminators but they are all with my mother. She enjoys them immensely too.

If you are interested go check out their website here. The best part is they ship world wide and their prices are fairly affordable. Score!!

Let me know what your ultimate fav makeup brand is.

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