Bodo's Schloss

Hello Friends! So I FINALLY made it to Bodo's Schloss. It is an Austrian inspired, ski chalet restaurant/bar in the heart of Kensing...

Hello Friends!

So I FINALLY made it to Bodo's Schloss.

It is an Austrian inspired, ski chalet restaurant/bar in the heart of Kensington.

After wanting to go there for ages and reading about it on Rose's amazing blog The Londoner here, I have been trying to make plans to go.

Trust me when I say, it is very hard to get a reservation here, unless you book at least a week in advance and for good reason.

I called a week in advance and could only get a slot of two hours at 6pm. I had originally booked for 10 people as it was for my leaving do (I am moving back to Toronto). I received an email asking for my card details and letting me know that with a party of over 8 we would be on a set menu and would have to reserve with my CC in advance and for every person that did not turn up I would be charged. NO THANKS.

Thankfully only four of us could make it. This left a bit more breathing room to choose our menu and I did not have to give them CC details.

When one of my friends arrived at 6pm, the place was empty. We sat and waited for our other two friends who were running late. At 6:30pm, the waitress came up to us and said that we better order without our other guests as we only had the table until 8pm and that she did not want to rush us. This happend twice more before the others arrived. They were so on the ball and timely that it made for a bit of a pressured eating experience.

However, the food was amazing and the atmosphere a very Austrian, I'm in a ski chalet and not in the middle of Kensington vibe. The staff were all super nice and might I add, extra good looking. The crowd is a mixture of posh kids with money to spend and young professionals looking to escape. Everyone was especially good looking here.

The schnitzel was the favourite of our group. It looked really good.

I had the stuffed dumpblings with sausages on a bed of sauer kraut and the cucumber and sour cream salad. Amazing.

After 8pm, we finished our food and stayed at the bar, with cow hide covered bar stools, where we drank some of the most delish cocktails I have had, while listening to oldies such as Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

This cocktail was called the King of Swingers and it was amazing, a better version of the Sex on the Beach.

At 9:30pm, we headed into the Discotheque and danced the night away, while taking several pictures with boys and their silly ski goggles and austrian feathered hats.

All in all, a worth while experience. As a warning,  it is a bit pricey, especially the cocktails but this is something you would expect from a super popular bar in Kensington. I think if you put that out of your mind, its a great place to go to forget that you live in London and go party with some of London's elite.


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