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Hello Friends! As a kid, my family and I went to Canada's Wonderland in the summers, almost everyday. We had season passes that to thi...

Hello Friends!

As a kid, my family and I went to Canada's Wonderland in the summers, almost everyday. We had season passes that to this day, still cost about the equivalent of two regular admission tickets. So my parents would pack our picnic baskets and beach bags and hauled us to Vaughan to spend the day amongst roller coasters, funnel cakes and water slides.

At 18, I decided to work at Canada's Wonderland's water park, Splashworks, as a lifeguard. Saving people from drowning in the wave pool, was my everyday job. I spent two summers at Splashworks and once the water park closed, the lifeguards always obnoxiously got the ride the roller coasters and rides for free and eat all the delicious foods for super discounted prices.

As you can see, Canada's Wonderland during the summer was like my second home.

A few weeks ago, I decided to return after abandoning my beloved summer hideaway for almost 6 years.

So why is Canada's Wonderland so great. Because Clive thinks so!

We woke up in the morning and were super excited to go, until we looked outside and saw the storm clouds and rain approaching. But we did not think twice, because going to a theme park during a rainy day is almost better, because there will be less people, which means shorter lines and more roller coaster time for us.

We arrived quite early and had no time for photos as we ran as fast as we could to the biggest roller coaster in the park. The Leviathan. It "exceeds a height of 300 feet (91 m). At 5,486 feet (1,672 m) long, 306 feet (93 m) tall, and with a top speed of 92 miles per hour (148 km/h), Leviathan is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Canada."
We went on it twice in a row.

This is Clive's happy face after the craziness that is The Leviathan.

Canada's Wonderland like most theme parks also offers fun themed restaurants, like this diner, as well as shows throughout the day. Like the British Invasion, that was a tribute to British music through the years.

At some point in our theme park adventure it started pouring. The park looked abandoned and I felt like I was in a horror movie.

 This is us soaked to the core.

But when the rain stopped, the people came back to play. Just look at the line ups. Thankfully at this point we got the rides out of our system and had some time for picys.

This roller coaster goes forwards and then goes around one more time backwards. EEEKK.

If you have little kiddies, there is a children's park tucked away for both young and old to enjoy.

Lastly, your Wonderland experience is not complete without funnel cake. It is embarrassing how many of these suckers I have consumed in my time. They are delicious. 

So if you have a Saturday free, gather your friends/family/significant other and head on down to Canada's Wonderland. I guarantee you will have a super duper time. I know we did!

Do you have any theme parks near where you live? What is your favourite ride?

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